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Pedicure and Manicure ideas for Fall 2022 with Lotus Beauty in Boston

Many people go for pedicures mainly because they are very conscious with the way they look and most importantly they are very concerned about their health too. The pedicures offered relaxing massages with lotions and oils and soaks in warm water that remarkably aid in preserving the moisture of the feet.

As what we commonly know, moisturized feet are not susceptible to obtaining cracks, blisters and other foot problems. Please be reminded that it is also crucial to keep the cuticles moisturized in order to ward the nails off from growing out with split ends or ridges that could sooner or later cause the nails to lift out of the nail bed.

Through getting pedicures, it is a lot easier to detect early indications of bunions, corns and fungal infections. Not to mention, these are easier to deal with when they are diagnosed early on. Start your treatment today and choose the right pedicure salon for you!

Express Pedicure

No time for a full pedicure? Need more than just a polish change, but no time for the full treatment? This prompt service includes trimming, reshaping and buffing of nails. Finishing with a polish of your choice, the pedicurist will send you back to the world before you know it.

Traditional Pedicure

Soak in sea salts then your nails are trimmed, filed, smoothed and your calluses are buffed away. Next, you will enjoy a soothing massage and gentle exfoliation from your knees all the way to your toes, finishing up with a nail polish color of your choice.


Traditional Manicure

Rest your hands in calming warm water, then sit and relax as the technician shapes, files, and buffs your nails for a natural look. Enjoy a peaceful hand massage with moisturizing lotion leaving your hands soft and smooth. Finish up with a nail polish color of your choice.

Spa Manicure

Nail techs will shape, file and buff your nails and treat you to a soothing hand exfoliation and paraffin dip to moisten and refresh your skin. A luxurious hand massage will help alleviate stress and tension, finishing with a nail polish of your choice.

Traditional Gel Color Manicure

Your nails are soaked, cuticles pushed back and nails filed. You receive a gentle and relaxing massage to the hand and forearm followed by the application of a gel color of your choice.

Spa Gel Color Manicure

Your nails are soaked cuticles maintained and nails filed. You receive a gentle and relaxing massage to the hand and forearm followed by exfoliation and paraffin treatment. Then the application of a gel color of your choice.

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